The Studio
The studio has been equipped with the best and most innovative technologies currently present on the market. It spreads over more than 13,000 square feet. The facilities include a 5.1 audio suite and a recording studio aimed at providing a complete sound service; a screening room, a colour-correction room and a state-of-the-art motion capture system.
The Hardware
Our technology is based on Blade Systems, with highly efficient Xeon processors. The Render Farm is composed of more than 200 Core Xeons. Other 350 both Intel Xeon and Intel Core Duo processors – distributed along the various user stations – can be easily added to them. As far as storage is concerned, we make use of the Isilon™ technology, a highly efficient clustered system that guarantees a band with a capacity of more than 80 Gb/sec.
Rainbow Company Group
The Company
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