Creates the stuff
that dreams are made of!

Founded in Rome by Iginio Straffi and Francesco Mastrofini in 2006, Rainbow CGI produced the first Italian full-length CGI Feature Film. It is the only Italian Studio to feature in its filmography the production of four 3D animation movies for the big screen, together with more than one hundred episodes of TV and web series. From the beginning, Rainbow CGI has always used ground-breaking creative and technical solutions for the production of visual content matching the highest quality international standards.


Rainbow CGI is a Rainbow Group subsidiary company dedicated to the production of 3D Animation films and TV and web series, VFX and commericals. It creates content for all media: Cinema, TV, Events, Web, DVDs, Magazines, Video Games, and all other categories of products linked to content licensing.

The Production Studio covers an area of 1200 square metres and is equipped with high-end technologies: it hosts a recording studio, a screening room and a Green Screen Room.


Rainbow CGI’s team is composed of highly experienced, talented artists and technical staff who are able to run and manage all the stages of production. Our team is composed of:

2017 Academy Award winners for best Visual Effects in The Jungle Book;

Artists coming from key companies in the field of 3D Animation and VFX with years of experience in international productions such as Framestore, MPC and Double Negative;

Creative professionals and technical staff who have worked on internationally successful feature films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Terminator, Fantastic Four, etc.;

A highly experienced senior Management team focused on international productions.

Francesco Mastrofini
CEO & Co-founder
Vincenzo Nisco
Art Director
Gianni Travaglione
Line Producer & Budget Manager
Barbara Nicolai
Line Producer
Leonardo Dell’Agli
CG Supervisor
Diego Viezzoli
Supervising TD e Pipeline Supervisor