Rainbow CGI, for the most part, develops projects for its main partner, the Rainbow Group.
However, it also collaborates with other companies on creative projects that involve the production of 3D, VFX or interactive content.

Thanks to the extensive experience gained in many years of international productions and the use of leading-edge technologies, our Studio offers a complete range of services in many different fields of expertise: the creation of 3D content, visual effects for cinema and television, virtual simulations, video games, technical support for TV commercials, films and music videos.
Furthermore, the development and organization of our own production pipeline and proprietary tools help us to guarantee high quality standards while still meeting the timeline and budgetary requirements of our clients.


In line with the Rainbow Group’s mission, Rainbow CGI has always dealt on the most part with Computer Graphics for 3D films and series. Our studio offers its vast experience to all producers interested in making high quality 3D content for cinema, television, video games, and for commercial, artistic and scientific purposes.

Design e Look Development

Development of the design and artistic style of a scene or an
entire project

Asset Creation

Modelling and texturing character, environment and prop 3D models

3D Animation

Direction, camera placement and animation of the characters in a 3D environment

Visual Effects
Dynamics / Simulations

Production of digital visual effects of explosions, smoke, water
and particles

Lighting / Rendering /

Light positioning and
post-production corrections that make the entire 3D scene
more credible


Rainbow CGI offers highly specialized services in the creation of Visual Effects and Compositing for cinema and television. We have a Green Screen Studio available for
external productions.

Pre-visualization /
Compositing / VFX

Tracing over objects and characters to create surfaces where special effects can be applied

Camera Tracking

Analysis of camera movements and tracking of every object in a shot

Green Screen

Rental of a professional Green Screen Studio and of our Team of Professionals

Performance Capture

Rental of X Sens mo-cap suits for the animation of 3D characters

Colour Correction

Colour correction of each shot to make the product look homogeneous


Our Animation Studio combines its core Computer Graphics production activity with continual strive for innovation. Rainbow CGI’s Interactive Department offers services for the design of applications in VR and AR, for the creation of 3D assets and the development of Video Games, for content creation for for Amusement parks and the Cultural Heritage and Entertainment Industries

Interactive Apps

Design and development for mobile systems (Android and iOS) and for all types of devices

Video 360°

Design and production of 360° audio and videos

Game Asset Creation

Development and making of Characters and Environments for Video Games, from Design
to 3D models

5D Animation
for Amusement Parks
Cut-scenes and Cinematics /
Pre-Rendered CG and In-Engine
Virtual Reality /
Augmented Reality