Art Director

He started is career as a Cartoonist in the ’70.
In the 90s he moved to Malaysia worked at the creation of a theme park, as character designer. Later he moves to Singapore where he works with the Lawton and Yeoh agency and then to Australia at the Disney animation studios, where he appears in the credits of many movies, including Tarzan 2, Lilli and the vagabond II, Lilo. & Stitch 2, Brother Bear 2, The Lion King 3, Bambi 2, The Jungle Book 2 and others. At the same time, he is in demand as a freelancer, by other Production Studios such as Energy Entertainment. Yoramgros, Halo Pictures.
Back to Italy in 2006, he works with Rainbow as Artistic Director on the 3 films Winx Club and Gladiators in Rome, “Mia and Me 2” series. Candidate for the David di Donatello for the special effects of Winx 1, he becomes a Permanent Member of the Academy of Italian Cinema. In 2006, he was invested with The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by president Napolitano for his extraordinary international achievements, while in June 2015 he was presented with the “Award of Honour” at the ICFF Toronto Film Festival for his 40-year-long international career.