Rainbow CGI’s Research and Development Department strives for continual innovation, also in the field of educational entertainment. In recent years, we have worked on the application of Unreal Engine technology for the creation of Virtual Reality Art Exhibitions by developing specific apps and creating unique digital content.

An example is the Caravaggio Experience (for Modo Comunicazione), a VR Art Exhibition, part of a broader interactive exhibition held in Turin’s Palace of Venaria in 2017.
The exhibition was made accessible by means of the HTC Vive Technology, delivering an extraordinary experience for the visitor who is fully immersed (360-degree) in the chapels where Michelangelo Merisi’s works are on display.

In 2017 the “Da Vinci VR” Exhibition, was initially hosted at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Venice and then presented in its extended version at the Maker Faire in Rome, where it also featured an Augmented Reality tour. Visitors had the opportunity to learn about Leonardo’s engineering inventions in a virtual environment recreated with 3D technologies, and could admire Leonardo’s machines coming to life in an AR tour accessible on the screens of their smartphones.

2018 was the year of the VR Monet Experience exhibition. An immersive experience inside an interactive exhibition of Monet’s work, held in Florence (in Santo Stefano del Ponte) where visitors could appreciate, from a 360-degree perspective, the paintings
of the Impressionist master.