It’s Pupstruction time! With this catchy slogan Disney launches its new 3DCG animated tv-series that debuted on Disney Junior and Disney+ on June 14, 2023.

The series tells the adventures of Pupstruction, the first construction company entirely run by puppies. The main character is Phinny, a creative young corgi that is going to show everyone that you don’t need huge paws to have big dreams and great ideas. The other members of the crew are Luna, a funny and spontaneous sheepdog, Roxy, a multifunctional rottweiler, and Tank, an adorable mastiff that can’t say no to a snack.




In partnership with Titmouse, Rainbow CGI’s Team has serviced the whole 3D production of the first and second seasons: from modeling to rigging, from animation to lighting.

After a successful audience response to its debut, a third season has already been confirmed.