“Tre di troppo” is a 2022 comedy movie directed by Fabio de Luigi and starring Fabio De Luigi himself and Virginia Raffaele.

The film portrays two sides of married life: hell, inhabited by worn-out parents and couples who are in a perennial state of crisis, and heaven, where men and women lead guilt-free lives, enjoying the pleasure of an existence without children.

The married life of our two lead characters, Marco and Giulia, belongs to the second kind until, all of a sudden, an unexpected event obliges them to look after 3 children – so they learn what it means to inhabit the hellish side of this world. They have only one goal now: get back to their happy heavenly life.

Rainbow CGI took care of the Visual effects and compositing of the movie, which was produced by Colorado Film Production and Alfred Film, and is going to be released in Italian cinemas by Warner Bros. Pictures.